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一款风靡全国的7kkb手机游戏小学生极力追捧A popular national 7kkb mobile phone games, the majority of the students are highly sought after, and even staggering: 13 year old students to play the game because of his father taught after jumping, 11 year old girl to buy equipment stolen brush more than 10 yuan, 17 year old boy crazy to play 40 hours after induced by cerebral infarction and nearly died, these are very recently sad, sad news. And in the vortex of opinion is the paragraph "7kkb" hand travel, for which major mainstream media repeatedly issued comments, warning game companies must promptly rectification, and remind parents must be taken seriously.一款风靡全国的7kkb手机游戏,被广大中小学生极力追捧,甚至令人咋舌:13岁学生因玩游戏被父亲教训后跳楼,11岁女孩为买装备盗刷10余万元,17岁少年狂打40小时后诱发脑梗险些丧命等,这些都是最近令人痛心、令人惋惜的新闻报道。而处在舆论漩涡的就是该款《7kkb》手游,为此各大主流媒体多次发布评论文章,告诫游戏公司务必及时整改并提醒家长们必须严肃对待。


From the data, the Mobile Games accumulated more than 200 million registered users, over 8000 active users million, that every 7 Chinese there are 1 people in the play, "after 00" users accounted for more than 20%, and the age of the user is not an adult, it is the students at school in reading and learning. This article mainly from the following three points to analyze the hand travel to society brought about by the devastation.从数据上看,该款手游累计注册用户超过2亿,日活跃用户超8000余万,也就是说每7个中国人就有1人在玩,其中“00后”用户占比超过20%,而这个年龄阶段的用户正是未成人,正是还在学校里读书学习的学生们。本文主要从以下三点来分析该款手游给社会带来的摧残。


一,消磨进取意志。The nature of the game is a kind of stimulus to human desires. When you lose the stimulation, you lose the attraction. This game is filled with a lot of violence, pornography and ignorance, and do not say how adults are unable to resist such temptation and gradually in which one can imagine a group of young students in the adolescent ignorant state, itself their rebellious psychology has been strong, if the fuel plus the game, then the whole the problem of primary and secondary education will become extremely serious, is likely to lead to disaster, and this group of children's inner enterprising spirit and indomitable will be in front of attractive games one by one to be apart, can predict the embarrassing situation in the society of the future of the game for the children as well as toxic harm to social potential.游戏的本性就是对人的欲望的一种刺激,失去了刺激就失去了吸引力,有了刺激就容易让人着迷。这款游戏中充斥着大量的暴力、色情和无知,且不说成年人是如何无法抵御此类诱惑而渐渐陷入其中,可以想象到一群刚处在青春期懵懂状态的学生们,本身他们的叛逆心理就已经很强了,如果再加上此款游戏的推波助澜,那么整个中小学教育问题就会变得极其严峻,极有可能酿成大祸,而这一批儿童内在的进取心和顽强意志将会在极具诱惑的游戏面前一一土崩瓦解,可以预测到被该款游戏毒害的儿童未来在社会上的窘困处境以及对社会潜在的危害。


"Efficiency comes from diligence., shortage in the play; line into Si, destroyed with." Every adult cannot resist the "play" with the virus "virus" and not to mention that a group of students. In the mainstream media of the game and after the game also launched the "Guardian" and growth platform, launched the "7kkb" from the aspect of culture history to beautify and persuade social games. What if you compare games to cigarettes? Will anyone object to banning the sale of cigarettes to minors?
Two, distort historical cognition. In the "7kkb" for thousands of years, people familiar with the history of the characters become unrecognizable, some of the most basic historical stories and characters are also logical game developers opinionated clever talent transforms recklessly in a complete mess. Jing Ke, the "The wind blows strongly. the Yi River is so cold, a warrior to Xi gone" warriors in the history of our country is a unique cultural symbol. However, in the "7kkb", with a strange blade into the beautiful and sexy dress not only assassin chest temptation, "Qin" story is made up of different times have different, historical figures can also appear in the same battle scene, eye popping, sigh developers brain hole open and divergent thinking.



History here, really can "be dressed little girl", for the children of this lack of knowledge of history is very easy to confuse, but should not be made up Chinese historical figure to "the pit" those who do not understand the history of the Chinese overseas game player so that they just contact, Chinese cultural symbols have been misleading however, the traditional Chinese cultural image by how serious? Five thousand years of Chinese civilization long bright levee, is likely to be a collapse of the game.历史在这里,真成了可以“被随意打扮的小姑娘”,这对缺少历史知识的少年儿童来说很容易产生迷惑,更不应以编造中国历史人物来“坑”那些不了解中国历史的海外玩家,让他们在刚刚接触中华文化符号时就被误导,殊不知这对中国传统文化形象的摧残有多严重?中华上下五千年悠久璀璨文明大堤,极有可能被此游戏蚁穴所溃。


三,局限心智模式。Children's mental model is not perfect, they are very easy to scene mapping the virtual world into the real world, the direct translation in the game mode and social response mechanism to their family life and school environment. "8 year old children addicted to the game, one shot" is the most pro grandmother in the tragedy, it is said that the children killed after grandma without fear, but believe that grandma will be resurrected, and shooting skills are secondary to the stunt shooting game. Game developers are more painstaking, designed a variety of fighting skills, the game is also around the collection of these heroic raiders.儿童的心智模式是不健全的,他们很容易把虚拟世界的场景映射到现实世界中,把在游戏中的社交模式和反应机制直接平移到自己的家庭生活中和学校环境里。《8岁孩子沉迷游戏,枪杀亲奶奶》就是诸多悲剧中的一例,据说该儿童打死奶奶后毫无恐惧,却相信奶奶很快就会复活的,而枪杀的技巧也是游戏中学来的射杀特技。游戏开发者更是煞费苦心,设计出各种五花八门的格斗技能,游戏玩家更是四处搜集这些英雄攻略。


The children's reaction mechanism is actually imitation, in the game scene, they will have their own different roles, but also have different roles in the reaction mechanism. The virtual social mechanism they are exposed to in the game will soon act as a response mechanism in the real social environment. These children in the process of growing up will put the numerous exposure to the complex social reality in different subjects simply understood as several characters in the scene, even the scene in the game mechanism of direct docking with the real society, thought the measured logic between the various roles and evolution of the plot, extremely affect the healthy development of the mature mind model.儿童的反应机制其实都是模仿出来的,在游戏的场景下他们会有自身不同的角色,同样有着不同角色的反应机制。他们在游戏中所接触的虚拟社会机制,很快就会直接作为现实社会环境下的反应机制。这些儿童在成长过程中会把接触到的纷繁复杂的现实社会中的不同人物对象简单地理解为游戏场景中的几个角色,甚至会把游戏中的场景机制直接与现实社会对接,臆测出各种角色间的逻辑和演化情节,极其影响成熟心智模式健康发展。


"Rat scampering in the street, everyone shouting, all sober people should recognize the seriousness of the situation, if we are discussing today is" drugs ", I'm sure there won't be any objection to the view, not because it is a layer of packing" entertainment "coat, just ignore it as the" essence of electronic the drug ", but not for short-term economic growth at the expense of the future hope.“老鼠过街,人人喊打”,所有清醒的人们都应该深刻认识到势态的严重性,如果我们今天讨论的是“毒品”,我敢确定不会有任何人反对我的观点,不能因为它包装一层“娱乐休闲”的外衣,就忽视了它作为“电子毒品”的本质,更不能为了短视的经济增长就牺牲了国家未来的希望。